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LIAC Crime Library

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The LIAC Crime Library will be removed from the State Library’s website on 1 September 2019

As part of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC), the LIAC Crime Library used to be supported by the Public Purpose Fund (administered by the Law Society of NSW). Unfortunately, this is no longer the case and the Crime Library has not been updated since 2014 and may contain information which is out of date.

Use the HSC Legal Studies – Crime Resources research guide to find up to date information about researching crime topics, and finding legal cases and media articles.

Introduction to the LIAC Crime Library

The LIAC Crime Library is a collection of well-known criminal cases that happened between the early 1980s and 2014.  It has been designed as a resource for HSC Legal Studies students and teachers. Each case includes links to the court decision (if available), how to find media reports about the crime, and any books or other resources that discuss the case.  

Some of these cases may have been appealed or overturned since 2014. Use the Legal Studies - HSC research guide to find newspaper articles and other resources which will help you update cases.

This list contains some cases that have no published decision. They have been included because they’ve attracted a high level of media commentary. 


This resource has been produced by LIAC in response to information requests from legal studies students. Many of the cases covered are on violent crimes and contain very graphic details that may shock or disturb readers. Warnings have been placed on the cases that are the most extreme. LIAC does not intend that the inclusion of cases in this guide should be interpreted as a suggestion to read such material.

Criminal justice issues

Evaluating the effectiveness of the law? 

These websites will help you find information about any issue you have identified from this case and background information that is helpful for evaluating the effectiveness of the legal system

Legal information at the Library

This guide has been developed by staff of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC), State Library of NSW. The State Library holds an extensive collection of case law, legislation and looseleaf publications.