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Aboriginal Australians family history

Electoral rolls (NSW), 1903-1989

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How to search the NSW electoral rolls

STEP 1https://collection.sl.nsw.gov.au/record/74VvkjlN3Xxb

Check the Commonwealth of Australia 1901-1988, Electoral Redistributions folder on the cabinet behind the Family History desk.


Search the relevant map to find the electoral division where the person lived.

If you can't find the electoral division on the map, try searching the NSW Electoral Divisions 1859-1969 cards in the set of drawers next to the Commonwealth of Australia 1901-1988, Electoral Redistributions in the Family History area.


Collect the Electoral rolls (NSW), 1903-1989 from the microfiche cabinets in the Family history area. The rolls are arranged by year and then alphabetically by division.


Find the set of microfiche for the year you need and then the electoral division you are searching. Each electoral division is split into further subdivisions or polling places.

For example, if you are searching for a person who lived on the Aboriginal Reserve at La Perouse in 1903 you would select the 1903 set of microfiche marked 'Division: Wentworth'.


Using the microfiche reader, search each alphabetical list of names for the subdivision or polling place until you find the person you are searching for.


Example of the information found in the rolls:

No. Surname Christian name Sex Place of living Occupation
480 Timberley Emma F La Perouse Domestic duties
481 Timberley Jane F La Perouse Domestic duties
482 Timberley Lizzie F La Perouse Domestic duties
483 Timberley Nellie F La Perouse Domestic duties
484 Timbury Joseph M La Perouse Fisherman
485 Timbury George junior M Aborigines camp Fisherman
486 Timbury John M La Perouse Fisherman

Watch out for misspellings of a person's surname. In the above example, all of these people are from the same family and the correct spelling of their surname is Timbery.

Did you know?

Aboriginal people of New South Wales have been eligible to vote since 1858. Few Aboriginal people were aware of their right to vote so it's surprising how many actually appear on the earlier rolls. It's only since 1984 that all Aboriginal people have been required to enrol to vote.

Read more about the history of the Indigenous vote or the electoral milestones for Indigenous Australians on the Australian Electoral Commission’s website.