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How to use Australian Indigenous index

Publicly available You can access Australian Indigenous index from anywhere. You don't need a Library card.

How to search the index


Select 'Subject (Starts with)' from the drop-down menu and enter the family name then the first name, e.g. Smith Edna, of the person you're searching.

You can find other family members by entering only the family name. You will be given a list of all the people with that family name included in the index.


Click the person’s name to view the associated articles.

If the year of a person’s birth or death is known it is listed next to their name. For example, 'Smith Edna 1934-', indicates that Edna Smith was born in 1934.

Example of the information found in the index:

Smith, Edna, 1934-
1 Births, Marriages and Deaths - Births
The Australian Evangel - 01 Jul 1934
2 Marriages
The Australian Evangel - 01 Apr 1955
3 Wedding at Balranald
The Australian Evangel - 01 Apr 1955


Click the title of the article to view the index entry. Information about the article, including the names of other people in the article and the places they are from will be listed. Sometimes a summary of the article is also given and/or a transcript.

Most Australian Indigenous index records will not include a transcript. If you would like to read the full article, note down the title of the article and the name, date and page number of the magazine/newspaper.


You can view the article of the Koori Mail, 1991-present in the Koori Mail Online Collection using the information found in the index.

If the article is in a different newspaper/magazine, search our Library Catalogue or search Trove to find the nearest library that holds the newspaper/magazine.

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What's in the index?

The index includes all the names of Indigenous people who have appeared in the Koori Mail (1991-present), a national newspaper that focuses on the Indigenous people of Australia. It also includes birth, death and marriage details of some people from Aboriginal missions and reserves. These details were recorded in old church publications (1907-1982) and have been transcribed in the index.

Koori Mail Online

After checking the Australian Indigenous Index you can view issues of the Koori Mail, 1991-present in the Koori Mail Online Collection.