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Drug and alcohol information for PDHPE students

This guide takes you to key eresources, books and information about drugs and alcohol for PDHPE students.



Cannabis comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. The primary active ingredient is THC (delta - 9 tetrahydrocannabinol), a central nervous system depressant. THC can also act as a hallucinogen.

Cannabis comes in three different forms:

  • marijuana, the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant - this is the weakest form
  • hashish (or hash), the dried resin from the cannabis plant, which is stronger than marijuana
  • hashish oil (or hash oil), which is oil extracted from hashish, which is the most potent form.

All types of cannabis can be cooked into food and eaten.

Drug facts

Use the following websites to find information about specific drugs, including their long and short term effects, how they are used, legal status and information on mixing drugs.

A quick guide to drugs and alcohol

Statistics on drug use

Use these websites and publications to find statistical information about drugs and alcohol.

Journal articles

Journal articles are a good source of explanations and discussions of drug and alcohol issues.  There are several eresources with links to journal articles available in the State Library.