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States' and Territories' legislation and government

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory parliament first assembled in 1948.

The Northern Territory was administered by the Commonwealth Government 1911- 1948.

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Acts: The law made by parliament and often referred to as an Act of Parliament. Sometimes referred to as a statute or legislation.

As made (Acts and regulations): Acts as originally passed by parliament without amendments. Also referred to as Sessional Acts or Acts as passed.

Bills: A draft of a new Act or a draft of an amendment to alter an existing Act. Statutes or Acts of Parliament, start life as a Bill.

Consolidated Acts: Consolidated Acts incorporate amendments made by other legislation since the original legislation was made. A consolidated Act refers to the combination of a number of Acts of Parliament into one codifying statute. This term is commonly used for electronic versions of legislation.

Explanatory Statements: The Explanatory Statement provides an explanation about the purpose of the bill.

Government Gazettes: A gazette is an official publication for the purpose of notifying the actions and decisions of the government. All Australian governments (Commonwealth, State and Territory) publish official gazettes.

Point in time: Point in time legislative research means establishing the content of an Act at a specific point in time. Point in time Act is used interchangeably with the term Historical Act or Reprint.

Regulations (Ordinances): Regulations are made under the authority of an Acts. Regulations contain details necessary to carry out specific matters relating to the Act. Regulations are 'delegated' or 'subsidiary' legislation. Other delegated legislation includes rules, ordinances and by-laws.

Repealed (Act or Regulation): Refers to legislation that is no longer in force.

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See the glossary for explanations of terms used on this page, such as:

  • What is a repealed Act?
  • What is an Ordinance?

History of the NT Government

At the time of Federation the Northern Territory was a part of South Australia and was then ceded to the Commonwealth as a Territory. The Commonwealth had responsibility for the administration of the Territory pursuant to the Northern Territory (Administration) Act 1910 of the Commonwealth.

From 1911 to 1947 the laws of the Territory were made by the Commonwealth Government and Parliament.

In 1947 the Northern Territory (Administration) Act was amended to provide for a Territory legislature. The first Legislative Council for the Northern Territory assembled in Darwin in March 1948 (see History of the NT Government).

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