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Legal Studies - HSC

Begin your HSC legal studies research

Getting started

The law is constantly changing and finding current information is vital. Use newspapers, journals, legislation, cases and government reports to find the latest information.

Use the resources here to find information to support your Preliminary and HSC Legal Studies research.

No matter which topic you're studying, you can find current, relevant information from encyclopaedias, journals, newspapers, books, government websites and statistics.

Law books at the Library

Browse the Politics, Economics & Law shelves (at location number 340s) in the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room to find books that cover all areas of the law.

We also have law books in the Library's stack storage. If you have a Library card, you can access these books by searching the Library's catalogue and requesting them.

General resources for legal studies research

Legal cases

Find legal answers

Australian and NSW Constitution

How Parliament makes laws

Where do laws come from?

Watch this 10 minute video to learn how laws are made by parliament.

Discover how a Bill becomes an Act, how legislation changes over time, and why some laws are made by the Commonwealth and others by the states.

Captioned version also available.

Developed by LIAC, State Library of NSW

How courts make laws

Legislation is a major source of law. Courts are the other source.

Watch this 10 minute video to learn how laws are made by the courts.

You'll also find out about the court hierarchy, and the courts' and tribunals' jurisdictions.

Developed by LIAC, State Library of NSW

Captioned version also available.