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Oldest printed book

Rarest printed book

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The unexpected and unusual

Andy Warhol

These two limited first editions are part of the Donald MacPherson Collection of Art and Literature:

Clay tablet


What's the oldest item in the collection?

Bringing a rare herbal back to life

Herbarum vivae eicones with damaged headbands pre treatment

Learn about how we brought Herbarum vivae eicones back to life.

The Herbarum vivae eicones or “Living portraits of Plants”, describes plants, their appearance, medicinal properties and has information on how to prepare and use them.

Did you know?

The Library has a collection of globes including Cary's Pocket Globe which measures 77 mm in diameter and thought to have been made in 1771 and Bett's new portable terrestrial globe measuring at 123 cm in diameter.

Cary's new terrestrial globe drawn from the most recent geographical works
Digital order number: a9331001