Convicts: Life in the colony

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Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI)

How to use Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI)

Only in the Library You can use Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI) when in the Library. Can't come to the Library? Contact us.

How to search the Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI)


Ask at the Family history desk to use the AGCI CD-ROM. You will need to use the CD-ROM on a dedicated computer in the Family history area of the Governor Marie Bashir Reading Room.

You will need a Library card to use the AGCI CD-ROM as your Library Card will need to be kept at the Family history desk until your have finished with the resource.


After inserting the CD-ROM, select the AGCI icon on the screen or from the 'start' menu.


Use 'Simple Search' by entering the first and/or last name then click 'Find'.

You can use * as a wildcard if you are unsure of the spelling, e.g. GR*Y will return a number of variations including 'GREY', 'GRACY', 'GRADY'.


Find your ancestor and click 'Detail' (or double-click on the entry) to find out where the information came from and where you can find the record (which organisation holds the original records and/or which newspaper the entry was taken from).


You can view some of the records which appear in the index at the Library. For example, most newspapers, the NSW Government Gazette, Irish transportation records and some birth, death and marriage records are held in the Library. For other records, you will need to contact the institution that holds the record.

Some family history societies may charge a fee for supplying the full details of a record.

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Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI): Volume 1 | Volume 2 [catalogue record | CD-ROM]

About AGCI Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI) is a two volume set of CD-ROMs published by the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG). Entries have been contributed by family history societies around Australia as well as SAG.

  • Volume 1: Indexes many records that might be useful in convict research, including newspaper cuttings.
  • Volume 2: Consists of names listed in the NSW Government Gazette from 1832 to 1863.