Case law

Research Guide for finding cases and law reports at the State Library of NSW and freely available online

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Key to library resources

Access anywhere with a library card In the Library (or anywhere with a Library card for NSW residents)
Available to access in the library Only in the Library
Publicly available online Publicly available

Cases online - websites by jurisdiction

Case research

You can find cases on the following websites. 
You will need to know the name of court or tribunal, the year of decision and the names of the parties.

Legal information at the Library

This Guide has been developed by staff of the Legal Information Access Centre (LIAC), State Library of NSW. The State Library holds an extensive collection of case law, legislation and looseleaf publications.

Defining cases and law reports

A decision of a court or a tribunal is often called a 'judgment', 'case', 'determination' or 'finding'.  In this guide we use the term case.

Why can't I find a case?

Not all cases are available.  

Courts select and provide decisions for publication, usually on the grounds of legal significance.  

Just because a case is well known doesn't mean that it has been published in print, or on the internet. If you know the names of the parties, you could try searching on a case citator to find it on the internet.

Case citators at the State Library and online

You can use the following citators to help you find a case and use the tips for making the most of each citator:

If you want to find out more about citators, use this guideWhat is a case citator? produced by Macquarie University.  

Abbreviations - law reports

If the title of the law report or journal is abbreviated, you will need to find the full title before searching the Library Catalogue.