Modern History - HSC

Resources for HSC Modern History and History Extension

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are kindly advised that this website includes images, sounds and names of people who have passed.

All users should be aware that some topics or historical content may be culturally sensitive, offensive or distressing, and that some images may contain nudity or are of people not yet identified. Certain words, terms or descriptions may reflect the author's/creator's attitude or that of the period in which they were written, but are now considered inappropriate in today's context.

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The Burial Files

State Library of NSW

Thousands of people travel through Sydney’s Central Station every day, but how many know what once lay beneath it?

This nine-part series will take you on a journey back to 19th century Sydney, to rediscover a place you thought you knew.

History Lab

A collaboration between the Australian Centre for Public History at the University of Technology Sydney and 2SER 107.3.

Australia’s first investigative history podcast, which aims to explore the gaps between us and the past.

History Teachers' Association NSW podcasts

These podcasts feature experienced historians and teachers, and cover many areas of modern history, including the Stalinist era, Vietnam War and JFK.  

Rear Vision

Rear Vision puts contemporary events in their historical context, answering the question, 'How did it come to this?' Recent topics include Kashmir, assassins, independence in Bougainville, protest in Lebanon, the Berlin Wall, and the Kurds.