Society and Culture - HSC

A guide to resources for HSC Society and Culture especially for researching for your Personal Interest Projects (PIPs).

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are kindly advised that this website includes images, sounds and names of people who have passed.

All users should be aware that some topics or historical content may be culturally sensitive, offensive or distressing, and that some images may contain nudity or are of people not yet identified. Certain words, terms or descriptions may reflect the author's/creator's attitude or that of the period in which they were written, but are now considered inappropriate in today's context.

Key to library resources

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The State Library has thousands of ebooks covering many subject areas in the Ebook Central Library

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  • To read ebooks on portable devices, download and install the free software program Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Once an ebook is downloaded, it will usually be accessible for up to three weeks.
  • You can also read it online, download individual chapters and search within an ebook.

There are two ways to search for ebooks:

Search in Ebook Central by keyword:
For example: disability


Issues in Society series

  • To see a full list of the Issues in Society series ebooks in Ebook Central, search:
    "issues in society" (with the quotation marks).
  • To narrow down to a particular topic, try an advanced search:
    Eg: "issues in society" AND refugees

Selected ebook titles

#HashtagActivism: Networks of race and gender justice

How historically disenfranchised populations, including Black Americans, women, and transgender people use Twitter to advance counter-narratives, preempt political spin, and build diverse networks of dissent. Investigates the digital signatures of the "new civil rights movement" that set the stage for #BlackLivesMatter.

Negotiating Migration in the Context of Climate Change

Drawing on empirical research, this detailed account is a vital step in understanding the links between global discourses on human mobilities, climate change and specific policy responses.

Transgender Body Politics

Under the guise of liberalism, a regressive men’s rights movement of transgender politics is posing a threat to the human rights of women and children. In a reversal of feminist gender critical analyses, sex and gender are redefined: identity is now called innate (a feeling located somewhere in the body) and biological sex is said to be socially constructed (and hence changeable).

We See it All: Liberty and justice in the age of perpetual surveillance

Fasman journeys from the US to London — one of the most heavily surveilled cities on earth — to China and beyond, to expose the legal, political, and moral issues surrounding how the state uses surveillance technology.

The Meat Question: Animals, humans and the deep history of food

A provocative argument that eating meat is not what made humans human and that the future is not necessarily carnivorous. We need to think about meat-eating in ways beyond Paleo diets and PETA protests to address the deeply entwined economic and political lives of humans and animals past, present, and future.

The Cambridge Handbook of Social Theory

This two-volume handbook takes stock of the state of social theory, exploring such topics as the nature, purpose, and meaning of social theory, the significance of the classics and the impact of specific individual and theory schools. It explores the contemporary relevance of theories in a manner that is historically situated and sensitive

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