NSW Industrial Awards

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Historical awards 2001-2009

Finding awards

Between 2001 and 2009 NSW industrial awards and updates were published in the NSW Industrial Gazette. Indexes of the awards, called List of awards and contract determinations, were published as a supplement to the NSW Industrial Gazette.

Need help understanding the index?

You will need to search through all the indexes in your time range to find the award and all updates to the award. Your award may not appear in every index as each index only includes award titles current at that time.

There are five columns under each award entry. See below for descriptions of each of the columns.

Column Description
1 Serial number.
2 The date that the Industrial Relations Commission approved the award or variation.
3 Codes which tell you what sort of decisions were made about the award, e.g. AIRC means it was an award made by the Industrial Relations Commission. The codes and their definitions are on the inside cover of the index.
4 The volume of the gazette where you will find the award or variation.
5 Page number.

Don't know the title of
your award?

You can find the title of your award by using the Index to awards and contract determinations on the NSW Industrial Relations Commission website.

If you can't find the title of your award, you can contact NSW Industrial Relations.

The Library cannot provide advice regarding the title of your award.