Oral History and Sound Collections

Rural and regional NSW

Log or Transcript?

Some of our Oral History items are accompanied by a ‘transcript’ while others have what is called an ‘interview log’.

transcript is a full, verbatim recording of the interview, word by word.

log is a summary of topics covered in the interview usually listed by the time they appear in the interview. For example “1:56 Discusses early family life” tells you that at just under 2 minutes into the interview the interviewee discusses their home life when a child.

Copyright and our Collections

Various copying and publishing conditions apply to content in the Library's collections, depending on material type, age and whether a donor rights agreement is in place.

Material in the Manuscripts, oral history and pictures catalogue that is not in copyright may be used freely and for any purpose such as a school project or thesis, in a presentation to your local history society, on blogs, or for commercial purposes. Please acknowledge that the material is from the collections of the State Library of NSW.

For the copyright status of individual items, please refer to the catalogue record. It's your responsibility to check the copyright status of material and if the material is in copyright you will need to seek permission from the copyright owner.

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