Pictures Collections

A guide to finding and using the Pictures collection at the State Library of New South Wales.

Getting started

This guide will help you to find and use our picture collections for your area of research.

The State Library's Picture collections form one of the most significant historical and documentary collections in Australia, comprising over a quarter of a million artworks and some two million photographs.

Artworks include watercolours, prints, drawings, silhouettes, miniatures, framed works (including oil paintings), architectural plans, black and white drawings and realia. The collections document the lives of past and present Australians, their society and buildings and landscapes.

Whether you are an academic, a student, an author, a family historian or local historian, a professional researcher or simply interested in a particular topic, this guide should help you to get started on your research. 

George Street, Sydney, 1883 / Alfred Tischbauer

George Street, Sydney, 1883, painting by Alfred Tischbauer