Passenger records

Assisted passengers


What is an assisted passenger?

An assisted passenger is someone whose journey was paid for by another person such as a family member or through a government immigration scheme.


Ships card index

This is an index of shipping records from several major collections held in the Mitchell and Dixson Libraries. The records include surgeons' journals, masters log books and shipboard diaries of immigrants. These records provide information about those on board, events at sea and life on board.

Find the card index in the Special Collections area. You will need to complete a stack request form to have staff collect the original records for you.

Search historical newspapers

Newspapers can provide shipping and passenger information that is often unavailable elsewhere.

Shipping intelligence columns

Shipping intelligence columns can be found in the major Australian and British newspapers. You can find information about a ship's voyage, including the date and port of departure and arrival, ship movements, the name and status of passengers and any references to ship deserters and shipwrecks.

Did your ancestor abandon ship?


bv born on voyage, in quarantine etc.
b&dv born and died on voyage, in quarantine etc.
cob child(ren) on board (listed separately)
dv died on voyage, in quarantine etc.
inft infant
pob parent(s) on board (listed separately)
sf stepfather
tw travelling with