Shipping and Passenger Records

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Australasian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI), 1839-1890

Only in the Library You can use Australasian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI): Volume 2 when in the Library.

About Australian Genealogical Computer Index (AGCI)

This index is split into four volumes, with two of the volumes (1 and 3) indexing unassisted passenger and crew lists found in family history societies and institutions across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Volume 1: Indexes unassisted passenger and crew arriving in New South Wales lists that cover 1854, 1860, 1880 and 1881.
  • Volume 3: Indexes unassisted passenger and crew arriving in New South Wales lists that cover 1839-1890 (but mainly 1854-64 and 1880-1884). This volume does not replace AGCI Volume 1.

How to search the AGCI: Volume 2?


  • Ask at the Family history desk to use the AGCI CD-ROM (Volume 2). You will need to use the CD-ROM on one of the stand alone computers in the Family history area.
  • You will need a Library card to use the AGCI CD-ROM. Your Library card will need to be kept at the Family history desk until you have finished using the resource.


  • Search for your ancestor’s name to find a reference to them as a crew member who ‘jumped ship’ in the New South Wales Government Gazette. Click on 'Detail' for the full index entry.
  • Advanced search enables you to limit your results by type of notice. Selecting 'Abscondment' will narrow your search to crew deserters.

  • Example of an index entry below.
Name Anderson, James AB
State/Country NSW/Australia
Date 16 June 1852
Event Abscondment
Source Government Gazette
Held By Society of Australian Genealogists
Reference NSW 1853 P1677



  • Collect the New South Wales Government Gazette on microfilm from the Family history microfilm cabinets.


  • Scroll to the date and page of the notice. The notice lists seamen who have deserted their respective vessels and includes a physical description and a monetary reward for their apprehension.