Shipping and Passenger Records

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Log of logs

How to use Log of logs

What's in the Log of Logs?

Log of logs is a catalogue of surviving logs, journals and shipboard diaries, letters and all forms of voyage narrative covering emigration to the antipodes. These resources were written by passengers and crew and can provide information about the voyage and immigrant ancestors.

Use this guide to find ships' logs, correspondence, journals, letters and diaries held in institutions around Australia. The entry for each ship lists the type of ship and voyages made and where the surviving logs for the voyages are held. Check each of the three volumes as each includes different information.

View a digitised example of a log book from our collection.

How to find out if there are surviving logs?


Logs of logs is kept on the shelves in the Family history area. The three volumes contain an alphabetical list by name of ship with voyages in date order. The volumes are not cumulative so you will need to check them all.


  • Find the name of the ship in the list to see what kind of ship it was, what voyages it made, what kinds of logs survived for that voyage and where these are held. Check the front of the volume for a description of the code of where the records are kept as well as contact details.