Convicts: Bound for Australia

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Convict arrivals, 1788-1842

How to use Convict arrivals, 1788-1842

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How to find details about convicts


Search the Index of New South Wales convict indents on microfiche for your convict to find the microfiche (fiche) and page numbers. The index is arranged alphabetically by surname.

The film and shelf numbers are the location numbers for the records at State Archives & Records NSW.

Example of the information found in an index entry:

Name Arrived Ship Fiche Page Film Shelf#
LEAHY, JOHN 12 JUL 1837 HEBER 727 103 908 X640


Collect the microfiche from the blue folders labelled Convict arrivals, 1788-1842: Convict indents on the shelves in the Family history service.


Search for the fiche number to locate your convict's name and their related details. Page numbers are centred at the top of each page.

These records can sometimes be hard to read and the page numbers can also be wrong. If this is the case, try searching for the ship.

What's in Convict arrivals?

Most convicts who arrived in New South Wales between 1788 and 1842 are listed. Information varies but most entries provide the convicts' name, date and place of trial and the sentence received. Later records can include more details.

Ancestry Library Edition

Also available on Ancestry Library Edition as New South Wales, Australia, Convict Indents, 1788-1842.

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