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Government gazettes  


What are Government Gazettes?

Government gazettes are the official publication of notices about the actions and decisions made by the government. The notices cover all areas of law and regulation and are arranged by the relevant department. Notices can be anything from tax rulings to endangered species lists to wording changes in a regulation.

Gazettes and Legislation

Government gazettes sometimes include notices relating to the passing of bills by parliament. For information on how to locate the passage of bills, including readings and assent, see the guide to NSW Legislation and Government.

Government Gazette Series

  • (GN) - Government Notices
  • (P) - Periodic
  • (S) - Special
  • (PS) - Public Service
  • (FOI) - Freedom of information
  • (TC) - Tariff Concessions

Types of Government Gazettes

Government Notices Gazette is published weekly and contains notices from government departments that are required to be published by Commonwealth law.

Special Notices Gazette can be published at any time and generally has a single notice. These notices are republished in the next Government Notices Gazette.

Periodic Notices Gazette is published when there are several notices relating to a particular topic.

Proclamation of His Majesty King Charles III

Australian Government Gazette: G2022G00869 

Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, and members of the Federal Executive Council proclaimed Prince Charles Philp Arthur George to be King Charles the Third on 11th September 2022.