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Parliamentary papers and Journals of the Senate

Parliamentary papers

Find papers such as annual reports, royal commission reports and parliamentary committee reports that have been presented in Parliament. Not all papers presented are included, only papers of a 'substantial nature'.

Votes and proceedings

Find out what was discussed including the decisions made in the House and in the Federation Chamber. You can find out which reports were presented and by whom, the bills that were discussed and who voted for or against a bill as well as which members were present or on leave that day.

Journals of Senate

Royal commission, select committees and Boards of inquiry

Search the checklist to find out if the royal commission, select committee and board of inquiry was published as a parliamentary paper.

What is a Parliamentary paper?

Parliamentary Papers include reports from government departments, royal commissions and committees of inquiry that have been tabled and then printed by order of the Parliament.

What are Votes and Proceedings?

Votes and Proceedings are the official record of the events in the House of Representatives including the decisions made in the House and in the Federation Chamber and who voted for or against a bill.

What are the Journals of the Senate?

The Journals of the Senate are the official minutes of each sitting of the Senate. Sometimes Parliamentary Papers are published in the Journals.

What is a tabled paper?

"The term ‘tabled’ literally means that a document has been laid on the Table in either or both chambers. The tabling of a document effects the publication of that document and the protection of parliamentary privilege.

Documents tabled in Parliament include reports from parliamentary committees, annual reports of departments and agencies, reports from the Auditor-General and legislative instruments."

Information about Tabled Papers (accessed 25 September 2013)

What papers have been 'tabled' in Parliament?

You can download a list of the papers presented in Parliament since 1996 from the Parliament of Australia's website.