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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visitors are kindly advised that this website includes images, sounds and names of people who have passed.

All users should be aware that some topics or historical content may be culturally sensitive, offensive or distressing, and that some images may contain nudity or are of people not yet identified. Certain words, terms or descriptions may reflect the author's/creator's attitude or that of the period in which they were written, but are now considered inappropriate in today's context.

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You will find study guides and books by academics and historians to support core study areas. 

Ancient History books in the library

The Life and Death of Ancient Cities

The story of the rise and fall of ancient cities from the end of the Bronze Age to the beginning of the Middle Ages. Its focus is on the ancient Mediterranean: Greeks and Romans at the centre, but Phoenicians and Etruscans, Persians, Gauls and Egyptians all play a part.

The Enemies of Rome

History is written by the victors, and Rome had some very eloquent historians. Opponents of Rome left few records of their own, but they had a tremendous impact on the Roman imagination. Kershaw investigates the lives, personalities, successes, and failures both of the key opponents of Rome's rise and dominance, and of those who ultimately brought the empire down.

Technology of the Ancient near East

Cities of the distant past boasted well-conceived urban planning, monumental architecture, running water, artistic expression, and knowledge of mathematics and medicine. Baker outlines the technology behind these achievements, based on the archaeological, textual, historic, and scientific data, and considers warfare, construction, metallurgy, ceramics and glass, water management, and time keeping.

Battles and Battlefields of Ancient Greece

This volume brings together the ancient evidence and modern scholarship on twenty battlefields throughout Greece, some of the most evocative and decisive battles in the ancient world.

Digging up Britain

This book presents ten of the most exciting archaeological discoveries from British pre-history. 

History As Wonder: Beginning with historiography

Hughes-Warrington tracks the entanglement of history and philosophy over time through the key idea of wonder - from Ancient Greek histories and wonder works, to Islamic curiosities and Chinese strange histories, through to European historical cabinets of curiosity and grappling with the horrors of the Holocaust.

Ancient Dynasties

A study of the ruling families of the ancient world known to the Greeks and Romans, analysing features of ruling dynasties (including the leading families of republican Rome). It catalogues all the dynasties (over 150 of them) known to have existed between approximately 1000 BC and AD 750 from the Atlantic Ocean to Baktria.