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Subdivision Plans

A great resource for local history are subdivision plans, auction plans and sales plans which were produced by real estate agents to publicise land for sale. The Library holds many thousands of New South Wales subdivision plans.  

The subdivision plans for Sydney are now all available to view online. 

  • In the catalogue, search using the name of the suburb and keywords subdivision plans.  For example:  Paddington subdivision plans.  When you find the suburb select 'See in viewer' to view the digitised plans.  Remember that suburbs developed after 1940 may not feature in this collection. 

We have also provided a search box below.  Just enter the name of the suburb.  

You can download the image, or if you would like an archival print, contact the Library Shop.  You will need to quote the FL number which sits below the image on the screen. 

The plans are out of copyright and are free to share, use or re-purpose, remembering to acknowledge the State Library as the source of the image.