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Drug and alcohol information for PDHPE students

This guide takes you to key eresources, books and information about drugs and alcohol for PDHPE students.

Adolescent drug use

Young people and drugs

Young people take drugs for much the same reasons as older people, often with the added element of rebellion. However, the consequences can be much worse. Childhood and adolescence are critical times for brain development, and the brain is more sensitive to the influences of drugs and alcohol during these periods. For example, there is evidence that alcohol use in young people can lead to impaired learning and memory which can affect them for the rest of their lives.

Adolescent drug use statistics

Use these websites and publications to find statistical information about drug and alcohol use by young people.

Young people, drugs and the law

There are a number of laws in NSW designed to protect young people (under 18s) from being sold alcohol and tobacco and from being given or from consuming alcohol.

A quick guide to drugs and alcohol

Further reading

Journal articles

Journal articles are a good source of explanations and discussions of drug and alcohol issues.  There are several eresources with links to journal articles available in the State Library.