Drug and alcohol information for PDHPE students

This guide takes you to key eresources, books and information about drugs and alcohol for PDHPE students.

Costs and Impact of Drug Use

Find information about some of the physical, legal and social consequences of drug use and misuse.

Drug dependence

Drug dependence may occur when a person continues to use drugs— legal or illegal—even though their drug use causes them significant problems. 

Drugs and mental health

The relationship between mental health and drug and alcohol use is complex because one can effect the other.

Legal consequences of drug use

Most drugs are regulated by laws and regulations. Use or misuse of both illegal and legal drugs can have legal consequences.

Further reading

A quick guide to drugs and alcohol

Further information from Drug Info

Visit the Drug Info website for free drug and alcohol information for the community of NSW. Drug Info is a partnership between NSW Ministry of Health and the State Library of NSW.