Drug and alcohol information for PDHPE students

This guide takes you to key eresources, books and information about drugs and alcohol for PDHPE students.

How to analyse and assess online health information

This section provides information about how to assess health information on the internet using Quality Assurance Criteria

There is a huge amount of health information available on the Internet, and due to the ever-increasing number of sites available there is a growing need for librarians, students, teachers and the community to be able to identify quality health information. 

The Quality Assurance Criteria have been developed by librarians at the State Library of NSW and can be used to assess health information on the Internet. 

This includes information found on websites, YouTube videos, blog posts, emails, on Facebook and Twitter and other social media. 

Quality assurance criteria - summary

Health information on the Internet can be assessed using the following criteria:  


What information is available on the website?

Look for currency, bias, references, relevance and disclaimer.


Where does the information come from?

Look for author, publisher, credentials, editorial review process, conflict of interest, sponsorship and context.


How is the information presented?

Look for design, accessibility, links, searching, layout and usability.

Quality assurance criteria - things to note

  • the criteria are a guide only
  • not all criteria will be applicable to all websites
  • no checklist is foolproof
  • no website can replace the advice of a health care professional

A quick guide to drugs and alcohol

Further information from Drug Info

Visit the Drug Info website for free drug and alcohol information for the community of NSW. Drug Info is a partnership between NSW Ministry of Health and the State Library of NSW.