English - HSC


What is an eresource?

Eresources = all online resources, which are mainly databases and ebooks:

  • Databases hold large collections of articles from a variety of publications including journals, magazines and newspapers
  • They may also contain full-text ebooks, reference books like encyclopaedias, or images
  • The State Library subscribes to them so they are free for you to use!  

Why should I use them?

  • Access to high quality academic articles that aren’t freely available online, to support your research arguments
  • Wide range of publications, both current and historical
  • Articles are usually more recent than books
  • You can use them anytime from anywhere
  • Most databases have tools to help you manage citations and referencing for your bibliography

Eresources at the State Library

Search tips for using eresources

  • Use “quotation marks” for exact phrase searching eg "social media" 
  • Use ADVANCED search options to combine words using AND, OR,  NOT
  • Use asterisks * for wildcards - alternative endings of words eg. poet* = poet, poets and poetry
  • Select Full Text search options to find only full text articles
  • Vary your search terms: try synonyms for your topic words eg. youth = teenagers, adolescents, young adults
  • Refine your results by limiting to scholarly or peer-reviewed (for academic level journals evaluated by experts)

Watch your spelling – both for accuracy and American spelling variations.