English - HSC

Starting your research

Introduction to your texts and key concepts

These eresources are a good starting point for your research, as well as a place to find overviews of major writers, literary movements (eg. romanticism), genres (eg. gothic novels), periods and detailed definitions.

Featured journal: mETAphor

The journal mETAphor is published by the English Teacher's Association NSW. Find full text articles through Informit database by entering the journal title in Citation Search. Whilst published for teachers, the journal has many relevant articles for HSC students, including close analyses of texts and genres, creative writing skills, essay writing tips, and a wide range of useful book reviews from many different genres. 

Search tips for using eresources

  • Use “quotation marks” for exact phrase searching eg "social media" 
  • Use ADVANCED search options to combine words using AND, OR,  NOT
  • Use asterisks * for wildcards - alternative endings of words eg. poet* = poet, poets and poetry
  • Select Full Text search options to find only full text articles
  • Vary your search terms: try synonyms for your topic words eg. youth = teenagers, adolescents, young adults
  • Refine your results by limiting to scholarly or peer-reviewed (for academic level journals evaluated by experts)

Watch your spelling – both for accuracy and American spelling variations.

Reference books

Not all reference books can be found on online, so browse the reference shelves on Lower Ground 2 from Dewey numbers 808 to 890 to find guides, dictionaries and encyclopaedias such as the following: