World War I and Australia

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War begins for Australia

August 1914

Australia was in the middle of a double-dissolution election when Britain declared war against Germany in August 1914. With Britain now at war, all dominions of the British Empire were also at war with Germany — including Australia. The Prime Minister, Joseph Cook as well as opposition leader, Andrew Fisher — who would win the election and become the Prime Minister — both pledged Australia’s full support. The campaign to recruit volunteers for the Australian Imperial Force began straightaway.

We have a number of books published in the lead-up to the centenary of the beginning of the war. Visit us to read these books.

Some of the first Bega men to enlist during World War I, 1914, on Tathra Wharf ten miles from Bega. Waiting to embark on ship Merimbula – Tathra, NSW



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Sydney Mail

We have digitised all the Sydney Mail covers for the period of the War. You can view the covers via the Library's catalogue.



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