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Sports in Focus

Discover more about sport in the Library's collection with some highlights from our sporting stories.

A group portrait of the 1868 Aboriginal cricket team

The first Indigenous cricket tour of England in 1868


In 1868, 13 cricketers from Victoria's western districts sailed from Sydney to become the first Australian team to tour England. 

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A Day at the Races

Horse Racing

The story of horses and horse racing in Australia

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Painting of a jockey riding a horse

Hitting the Slopes


A young woman’s alpine adventure in the 1930s sent her headlong into romance.

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A Maiden Over


The history of women's cricket in Australia.

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A fisherman holding two fish

Record Catch


Merging history and science, a Library fellowship tracked 80 years of fishing off the east coast of Australia.

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The Redfern All Blacks in 1946

Rugby League

Historic photos of the Redfern All Blacks rugby league team, an all-Aboriginal side, in a match against the Redfern Waratahs at Redfern Oval in 1946.

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A man makes a diving tackle on another man playing rugby league
A runner passes the Olympic torch to another

The Flame

Olympic Games

The Olympic Flame and one golden moment in Sydney.

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Cricket in Australia


The Library holds a remarkable collection of illustrations, photographs, letters, diaries and newspapers documenting the development of cricket in Australia.

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Painting of Victor Trumper batting
Two men performing acrobatics on Bondi Beach

The life and lens of photographer George Caddy


Photographer George Caddy and Bondi 'beachobatics'

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Leading the Way


Australian cricketer Betty Archdale excelled in several fields that rarely admitted women.

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Cricketer Betty Archdale holding cricket bat